A Guide to Invitation Envelope Sizes: Choosing the Perfect Fit

When it comes to creating beautiful invitations for your special events, one of the key elements to consider is the envelope size. The right envelope not only ensures that your invitations arrive safely but also sets the tone for your event. In this guide, we'll explore common invitation envelope sizes and provide tips on how to choose the perfect fit for your occasion.

Standard Invitation Envelope Sizes

  1. A1 Envelopes (3.625" x 5.125"): A1 envelopes are petite and perfect for small and elegant invitations. They are commonly used for RSVP cards and announcements.
  2. A2 Envelopes (4.375" x 5.75"): A2 envelopes are a popular choice for smaller invitations, such as RSVP cards or casual event invites. They are compact, making them ideal for events like intimate gatherings and informal parties.
  3. A6 Envelopes (4.75" x 6.5"): A6 envelopes are slightly larger and can accommodate 4" x 6" invitation cards. They are versatile and suitable for various events, from birthdays to bridal showers.
  4. A7 Envelopes (5.25" x 7.25"): A7 envelopes are a common choice for wedding invitations, as they can hold 5" x 7" cards. Their larger size provides ample space for elegant designs and additional inserts.
  5. A8 Envelopes (5.5" x 8.125"): A8 envelopes are perfect for larger invitation cards, such as those used for announcements or special events. They provide a touch of elegance and room for creative designs.
  6. A9 Envelopes (5.75" x 8.75"): A9 envelopes are ideal for grand events and upscale occasions. They are commonly used for formal wedding invitations, gala invitations, or corporate events, accommodating 5.5" x 8.5" cards. They fit an 8.5x11 (standard sheet size) folded in half.
  7. A10 Envelopes (6” x 9.5”): A10 envelopes are ideal for large invitation sizes, mailings, announcements, cards, as well as other correspondence.

Square Envelopes

Square envelopes are a stylish choice that adds a unique flair to your invitations. Common square envelope sizes include:

  1. 5.5" x 5.5": Ideal for square invitation cards or artistic designs, these envelopes are perfect for events seeking a touch of creativity and modernity.
  2. 6” x 6”: Ideal for square inserts that are 5.75” x 5.75”.
  3. 6.5" x 6.5": These larger square envelopes provide extra space for detailed, eye-catching designs. They are suitable for events where you want to make a bold statement.

Tips for Choosing the Right Envelope Size

  1. Consider the Invitation Card Size: The size of your invitation card is a crucial factor in determining the envelope size. Ensure the envelope is large enough to comfortably hold the card without excessive squeezing or empty space. We recommend your insert to be .25” x .25” smaller than your envelope size.
  2. Event Formality: The formality of your event should also influence your envelope choice. More formal events, like weddings, often benefit from larger envelopes, while casual gatherings can use smaller options.
  3. Inserts and Extras: If your invitation includes multiple inserts, such as response cards, maps, or additional information, choose an envelope that can comfortably accommodate all the contents without overfilling.
  4. Design and Aesthetics: The envelope is the first thing your recipients see, so choose one that complements your invitation's design and sets the right tone for your event. Our envelopes will catch your recipients eye and create excitement to open it.
  5. Postage Costs: Keep in mind that larger envelopes may require additional postage. Check with your local postal service to determine postage rates for various envelope sizes.

In conclusion, selecting the right invitation envelope size is an essential step in creating stunning invitations that create interest and leave a lasting impression. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, choosing the perfect envelope size ensures your invitations arrive in style. Explore our range of envelope sizes to find the ideal fit for your next event.